"Choose Edinburgh" Poster

"Choose Edinburgh" Poster

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"Choose Edinburgh" poster print

220 gsm quality paper.

Printed using UV inks.


Choose rain. Choose heavy rain. Choose torrential rain. Choose grey skies. Choose water running down the crack of your arse. Choose drying your clothes on a radiator, socks, jeans, and even your scants. Choose webbed feet, snottery noses and a pale blue tinge. Choose peeling wet jeans off your legs. Choose putting the heating on in July. Choose drying the dog every time it needs a pee. Choose waterproofs and wellies. Choose staring at shite on the telly on a Saturday afternoon. Choose getting soaked running to Tesco for milk. Choose sitting on the couch with the lights on at 4 in the afternoon in the summer. Choose looking out the window bored stiff telling everybody it's looking a bit brighter, when you know it's still pishing down and will do for hours. Choose being damp and fucking miserable. Choose Edinburgh.